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About Us


Welcome to Senaratna Jewellers Homepage...


Senaratna Jewellers Co., Ltd., is committed to providing our customers the best value, quality, service and selection of Sapphires, Diamonds, Emeralds, pearls and other gemstone jewelry in the world. Since our establishment in 1954 we have maintained excellent standards during a period of 60 years and always strive to enhance the quality of our products to ensure customer satisfaction. The store was initially started by its founder as a small scale store and since then it has grown to one of the most respected gem stone jewellery retailers in Sri Lanka and presently serve local as well as foreign clientele. Since the beginning we have ensured the high quality and unique design in our jewellery collection and treat each customer as a unique individual. Our skilled and talented jewelers are dedicated to bringing you the finest jewelry available using only top-quality select stones and pearls.



About CEO


Our CEO Mr. Sunil Senaratna has over 30 years of experience in the Gem stone and jewellery industry and possess an in-depth knowledge related to gems, gem cutting and jewellery design. His philosophy is simple: to offer our customers extraordinary values on an exceptional selection of gem and fashion jewelry and to guarantee the high quality of our gem stones. Mr. Senaratna has extensive experience with many foreign customers and has served customers in Singapore. England, Japan, Thailand and many other countries and he often participates in Gem exhibitions in England, Japan and Sri Lanka. He is committed to oversee each piece of jewellery to ensure its high quality so that the jewellery can be worn with style and great enjoyment.



Message from  the CEO


Dear Visitors,

Firstly, I am honored to invite you to our website and hope that you will enjoy the precious gem stones and jewellery we have shown among our vast collection. Gem stones are undoubtedly unique gifts from Mother Nature and it is immensely important to preserve the natural quality and substance of the stone while cutting and designing it to make jewellery. At Senaratna Jewellers we are committed to provide high quality jewellery while preserving the genuine color, shape and texture of the gem stone. Sri Lankan gem stones, especially Blue Sapphires and Rubies are world renowned for there great color and value. Hence we always strive to select the best gem stones and deliver it to the customer at a reasonable price.

We have gained significant experience by operating in the Sri Lankan gem & jewellery market for over 62 years and also expanded our knowledge by participating in local and international gem exhibitions, conferences and forums in UK, Singapore & Japan. We constantly and rigorously research about the latest jewellery styles and trends in the industry to continually maintain our excellent standards of service. Hence, once you gain a shopping experience through our store we guarantee that it will be a memorable and enjoyable experience. Please have a look at our samples and we appreciate your inquiries, comments and feedback with great value.

Thank you and look forward to serving you with our fullest effort!

Sunil Senaratna
CEO/Managing Director
Senaratna Jewellers Co., Ltd.



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